11 Fun Christmas Games for Kids to Entertain Them in the Holiday Season

11 Fun Christmas Games for Kids to Entertain Them in the Holiday Season | Indoor Playground | Paramus Daycare NJ

Winter is here with us! The festive seasons always keep parents on their toes with how best to keep their children fully engaged and entertained throughout the cold months. If you’re looking for a list of fun and easy activities for kids of all ages, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 11 Christmas activities for you and your family to try:

1. Craft Holiday Card Displays

Get the kids to work on a fun craft by making different Christmas-themed holiday cards. Let them use their creativity to use whatever available materials you have at home to make Christmas cards for each other, a friend, a family member, or for display.

2. Deck the Halls

If you still have hallways or areas of the house without seasonal decorations, you can have the kids light up these spaces using Christmas lights or homemade decorations. Feel free to use what you already have at hand or purchase colorful fairy lights from the local department store. Have fun making various shapes and designs!

3. Create Recycled Holiday Decor

There are many decor-making activities that you and your family can try. Creating holiday decor using recycled bottles, papers, and plastics is one of them. Add more personality to these decors by painting on them with your own unique and Christmas-inspired designs.

4. Bake Festive Cookies

Oh, yum! Baking your own holiday treat is always a fun and exciting thing to do. The younger kids can get involved with simple steps like stirring the bowl, cutting cookies, or designing them with cream, sprinkles, and chocolate bits when done. While the older children can go ahead and participate through the entire process. You can even try separating everyone in groups and having a mini cookie-baking or cookie-decorating competition with mom or the grandparents as the judges!

5. Design a Christmas Village

Another arts and crafts activity that can help alleviate boredom for your little ones! Even teenagers and adults can participate in this project too. No need to spend a lot of money on this task, just use what you have lying around or better yet add a little bit of challenge to the activity by only using recycled materials!

6. Make Popcorn Garlands

Another fun and time-consuming activity for everyone in the family! Make edible garlands using fresh popcorn, cranberries, a needle, and a string. 

Be creative by adding other round fruits and treats to make a pattern of your choice. Don’t forget to assist and watch over the younger ones so they don’t get hurt while using the needle to thread the string through the ingredients. You can also opt for bigger ingredients or treats that already have holes in them to make this activity safer.

7. Create Countdown Calendars

Increase the hype for Christmas with countdown calendars! Everyone can have their own calendar to keep in their rooms, or the family can decorate one big calendar they can keep in the living room or kitchen for everyone to see. You can also incorporate designs showing family traditions or paste in old family pictures.

8. Go Caroling

Let your family experience the full Christmas experience by caroling around your neighborhood or visiting relatives. You can also amp it up by turning it into a caroling competition with prizes.

9. Make a Wreath

Festive wreaths are one of the most common symbols and decors for Christmas. Take the kids outside to get some of the freshest branches from the pine cones. Help them trim the cones, then help them attach them to foam. You can also opt for using a wire ring instead. Have the kids decorate the wreath with bows and ornaments either purchased or handmade by themselves.

10. Make Snowman-Themed Spoons for Hot Cocoa

The holidays are not the same without a good hot chocolate drink. Make this simple tradition even more exciting by making snowman spoons made from candy and other treats. This activity can be extended by letting your kids join you in the grocery store as you shop for the ingredients you’ll use.

11. Create Window Displays

Turn all the windows of the house from boring to fun by having the kids decorate them with festive stickers, glittering stars, and other creative and colorful decorations. You can also try this activity on doors, either the main door of the house or the door to each person’s room.



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