Arena STEM

Things weren’t always this way regarding what you know today as Arena STEM. It all started with a notion that grew into an ethereal environment of STEM activities, seminars, and technologies, changing how youngsters see schooling.

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His inner kid-inspired owner is Sergei Manevich. He discovered a means to make his idea a reality by combining his favorite things: STEM education and fun! He launched the first arena with a huge concept, dedication, and boundless confidence. A resoundingly positive reaction resulted in the little hobby store being turned into an extraordinary indoor entertainment complex within weeks.

Manevich, on the other hand, wants to shake up the traditional toy shop by incorporating STEM learning into the products and activities themselves, setting it apart from the competition. As a result, arena STEM not only sells toys but also provides a variety of unique STEM activities, seminars, birthday parties, field excursions, and more.

Even though they only have one physical location on earth, they affect young children and inspire many to broaden their interests in school. As a result, it is anticipated that Arena STEM will grow and expand until it reaches children worldwide, including those in the United States and beyond.

Arena STEM was intended for kids of all ages. That means children, teenagers, young adults, “old” people, and everyone is welcome. “Who says we have to grow up?” questioned Walt Disney, so why should you?

To participate in the activity, you must register for the time window that corresponds to your availability. They also recommend that attendees arrive at the station early to prevent being held up in traffic.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Participants who arrive late or after starting an activity must inquire about the next available time slot before proceeding. They invite you to come back another day if there isn’t a time slot available on that day. Your tickets are not subject to expiration. Tickets, on the other hand, are non-refundable.

They cannot publish a long-term timetable for all planned events and activities due to State and Local constraints. On the other hand, Arena STEM is already open, and they want to see you at the center. They’re at the Garden State Plaza mall’s northeast corner, between Design Within Reach and Zara. Here’s another great post.

The health and well-being of customers, staff, and surrounding community members are of the utmost importance at Arena STEM. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, they understand and share your concerns. They, like you, are constantly keeping up with the latest news and following the guidance of local, state, and federal governments, as well as health and safety officials, on how to best protect their consumers and staff.

Don’t hesitate to contact Arena Stem Paramus by calling (201) 301-8144 if you have any questions or comments.