Helping a Child Transition into Daycare

Helping a Child Transition into Daycare

Daycare Transition Can be Hard on a Child, Here are Some Helpful Tips

The reality of putting your child or little one in daycare is a daunting task that you and other parents are not looking forward to doing, but unfortunately, this must be done, especially if you’re working. The thought of leaving your minor in day care for a long time can be overwhelming to both parent and child. Exposing them to an environment that they are not familiar with can cause them to suffer from separation anxiety.

Below you will find tips that can help yourself and your little one transition to the new routine.

· Researching different daycares – Before deciding on which day-care to send them, you must do research. It would help if you considered talking to other parents and also the staff of the day care. You can also ask to visit one day to get a better understanding of how things operate daily. Doing this will assist you in dealing with the anxiety of sending them there and boost your confidence when executing the decision.

· Speak to your little one in advance – It’s the unexpected things that cause the most tension in your child. You can help alleviate this issue by adjusting them for the transition by explaining what to foresee when attending day-care or childcare. You can break down their daily activities, which will give them a better understanding of what will happen when they get there or if it’s child care services, explain what will happen when you’re not around.

· Gradually starting the process – If you have an adaptable schedule, you can enroll them in daycare part-time. These sessions can be for only a few days weekly or for a shorter time each day. After they get comfortable there, you can begin extending the time. Doing this will assist in alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with this process.

· The value of organization – You should try your best to avoid running up and down trying to get out the door because you’re running late; this will cause both of you to get anxious. That will create a chaotic environment that will take your attention away from them when they need it the most. Preparing the things you need overnight will make the method easier in the morning. Making a checklist can also help to make this easier.

· Allow your child to bring something they’re familiar and comfortable with – Having something from home can aid them to be more relaxed; this could be their favorite blanket or stuffed toy. These items can help diminish the stress associated with going into a new environment or childcare location.

· Invent something only both of you do when you’re leaving – Creating a goodbye ritual is a great way to say goodbye to them consistently; this will help create ease when you have to leave. Some rituals entails a secret handshake, a special kiss, or a loving phrase that is only shared between the two of you. Doing this will make your child feel unique and will limit the time you spend saying goodbye. Saying goodbye with confidence shows your baby that they’re in good hands and it’s safe. If you are worried, it’ll make leaving harder.

· Expect them to cry – Adjusting to day care or child care can take anywhere from one day to a month. It is perfectly normal for them to cry when you’re dropping them off during this time. While this can be heartbreaking to watch, this can allow your little one to adapt and develop social skills.

Putting these steps into action can assist in easing the tension faced by the two of you and make the experience stress-free.



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