Importance of Storytelling to Your Child’s Development

lady telling stories to a toddler with teddy bears around

You probably already know this, but did you realize that the more time you spend with your kid reading them books and tales, the more they will learn? The acquisition of knowledge and skills is facilitated to a great extent by interaction with language. Creating stronger social and emotional links between families may be accomplished by having them spend quality time together engaging in activities that promote learning, such as attending daycare in Paramus, New York.

The children who attend our preschool in Paramus in the borough of New York City are exposed to a variety of educational opportunities, including reading. Reading is one of the best ways for youngsters to grow their phonemic awareness, improve their ability to interact with others, expand their vocabulary, and cultivate a real appreciation for the world of make-believe.

Reading out loud combines the advantages of speaking, listening, and comprehending into a single activity, and this is true regardless of whether the book being read is brand new or an old favorite.

Reading comprehension and information retention may be greatly improved by singing and reciting rhymes. This is an additional wonderful way to practice reading. Children are better able to retain specifics, such as information and images, when the framework is rhythmic and there is a lot of repetition. We make it our mission to offer the children in our care the resources they need to read on their own and recount tales.

At Paramus Daycare Brooklyn, we work to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, secure, and intellectually stimulating for the children in our care, while also ensuring that each child develops and blooms at their own unique rate. If you would like your child to explore their inquisitive nature in a way that is suited to their individual requirements, you should enroll them in our daycare and give them the opportunity to receive excellent childcare and develop into the best version of themselves that they are capable of becoming. Please get in touch with us at 201-500-2951.



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