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P.C. Richard & Son, or simply P.C. Richard, is the country’s most extensive network of private, family-owned appliance, television, electronics, and mattress businesses. It has 66 locations across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, with the bulk on Long Island, including the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn in New York City. Soundsmith employee Leer Leary produced the company’s characteristic whistle jingle. The New York Yankees utilize it to strike out an opposition hitter at Yankee Stadium. It was also used by the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball after striking out an opposing batter at Fairfield Properties Ballpark. Additional info.

Pieter Christian Richard, who had immigrated to the United States from Holland in 1899, founded a modest hardware business in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, in 1909. P.C.’s son, Alfred J. Richard (A.J.) was born in October of the same year. A.J. joined the company less than a month after it launched and has played a significant role since then. He spent his youth working at the business, only going to school when he needed to. A.J. dropped out of school after finishing ninth grade in 1923 to concentrate solely on supporting his family and growing the company. A.J. was in charge of bringing the first electric equipment to the inventory, the electric clothes iron, and timely payments to make them more affordable to his clients.

A.J. took over as president and principal shareholder of the corporation on February 1, 1947. At this time, he started introducing his sons, Peter and Gary, to the family business. The firm quickly blossomed into a chain as it moved onto Long Island. Following his father’s death, P.C., in 1972, A.J. was appointed chairman of the board in 1974, a post he kept until he died in his nineties. At first, Peter and Gary were appointed co-presidents, but that changed in 1982 when Gary was made president and Peter was named executive vice president. Gary’s son Gregg soon followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, weaving his way into the company’s fabric until he was chosen president in 2004. A.J. died at the age of 95 a few weeks later. The fourth generation, Gregg Richard, Bonni Rondinello, and Peter Richard III, are now helping to operate the business that their great-grandfather started. Next blog post.

Their website presents more than just shopping: the virtual A.J. Richard Learning Center, which includes informative videos and blogs, was designed to provide product details and aid customers in constructing purchases.

The diverse experiences and skills of team members collide at corporate headquarters. Collaboration, idea development, and learning from one another are vital aspects of the company. In addition, their experienced and friendly sales associates and management aim to keep the basic principles of honesty, integrity, and dependability in the showrooms.

Their objective is to make every customer’s experience pleasant. They understand that hard work pays off in the form of sound possibilities. For further information, call (201) 262-7676.

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