How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Day at Daycare

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Sending your child to daycare can be exciting, especially if this will allow you some peace throughout a long work week or weekend. However, there are a few things that you need to think about before making a decision. You’ll want to ensure that your little one is prepared for their first day at a sitter’s home and that they’re ready to make friends.

Talk To Your Child About Daycare

Work on Independence

Cultivate independence in your child early by allowing her to help with tasks around the house, including brushing teeth, folding laundry, putting shoes on and coming to bed. Helping her with household chores teaches her responsibility and gives her a great sense of accomplishment. 

Provide a positive adult role model. Letting your child see you preparing meals, doing homework, or cleaning the bathroom makes it easy for them to learn that these tasks are standard parts of life. Your family should always strive to provide a healthy living space for its members. Teach your kids to ask questions when they don’t understand something. 

Children should never feel embarrassed to express what they don’t understand. It helps them develop self-confidence and helps them ask any question without feeling nervous or ashamed. Please encourage your child to ask for help when he needs it. He will quickly grow out of shyness as he becomes older and more confident. Teach your little one about personal hygiene. Kids learn better by watching and imitating their parents than by reading books. 

Therefore, it is beneficial to show your child how you clean yourself regularly. Show him the proper way to brush his teeth, wash his face, comb his hair and bathe himself. This way, they won’t feel helpless when you drop them off at a facility.

Meet the Teacher

Bring your child along to meet the teacher at the center, Don’t forget to introduce yourself so that the teacher can do the same. Talk to the teachers and administrators about your concerns regarding your child at the daycare. They can give you information about the school and answer any questions you have. Ask the teachers whether there are any activities planned during the week. 

You want to find out if your child has fun activities planned. Also, try to get some idea about the size of the class and the number of children attending the daycare.

Make the First Day Exciting

Before leaving home, tell your child that this will be an exciting new adventure for him. Tell him everything he will do, play with friends, do projects, read books and eat lots of yummy food. Make sure that he knows every detail before you leave. This might sound odd, but it works! Get your child excited about meeting all of his friends. Allow plenty of time for him to make new friends.

If your child is afraid of anything, take note of it. Then discuss ways to deal with it. If she fears being left alone, you may need to enroll her in a supervised program until she feels comfortable going unsupervised. Your daycare provider can help you assess the situation.

Do Drop off With Confidence

Once you arrive at the premise, let your child know that you’re proud of him and be back soon to pick him up. Stroll and keep talking to your child as you walk into the building, especially if he tends to become anxious when faced with unfamiliar surroundings. Be sure to say goodbye at least once, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If your child cries when you approach the door, reassure him that everything will be fine. 

Give your child enough time to settle down before making eye contact with other children. Some children will cry when they realize they no longer have their parents looking over their shoulders.

It takes practice to get comfortable dropping your child off at the facility; There may be times when you want to stay longer with your child or come back earlier than expected. But it’s best not to stress your child when adjusting to their new routine.


The first days of childcare are probably the most challenging. However, if you prepare beforehand and follow the tips provided above, you should feel good about beginning your childcare journey. Learn more



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