Spend Your Summer With Us

Spend Your Summer With Us

Spend Your Summer With Us.

Summer vacation begins in only two months. Do you have a strategy in place for child care? Sign up for our summer program today to guarantee your kid has the opportunity to participate in an amazing lineup of field excursions, activities, crafts, games, sports, and more.

Spots are filling up fast.

Trust us when we say that our incredible instructors know what it takes to keep each kid interested and ready for more, no matter how many days they spend with us!

  • Do you need full-time care for many weeks? Not a problem!
  • Do you need a tailored timetable for part-time assistance? Not a problem!
  • Do you need half-days to establish a better balance at home? Not a problem!

Summer is fun for everyone.

We offer engaging themes meant to engage their senses (and their enthusiasm!). Each encounter is tailored to a diverse variety of interests. You’ll have peace of mind knowing:

We serve nutritious meals and snacks (no need to bring a lunch).

We offer a clean, secure place where kids may play safely.

We go outdoors as often as Mother Nature permits, including for water play.

We provide plenty of hands-on activities to keep kids interested and entertained.

We foster new lifetime connections and memories.

You won’t miss a thing.

Inquire about real-time updates and live-streaming videos. We understand how difficult it is to be apart from your pride and pleasure. Therefore we capture everything for you to enjoy! That way, you’ll always know what your kid is up to while with us and which activity makes them the happiest.

Click here to learn more about your school’s summer program and enroll your kid before it’s too late. We’ll see you there!



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