Book Recommendations For Every Age!

Book Recommendations For Every Age!

Reading to your child can foster a lifelong love of books and the delight of reading. Books that are read aloud enable children to gaze, point, touch, and respond to inquiries. By spending time with your preschooler, you may help them develop their language abilities by replicating sounds, identifying images, and learning new words. The books listed below can be found at your local library.


Find out how much I adore you. thru Sam McBratney

This picture book explores the issue of how much love is possible for a person while telling the tale of a baby and father hare. The baby hare thinks he has thought of a better way to show his father how much he really cares for him, but his father’s love grows even stronger. A wonderful way to end the day with your infant is to read this timeless tale to them before bed.

12 months

Written by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, The Baby’s Catalogue

This nearly wordless picture book illustrates a variety of activities that families and infants perform on a daily basis, such as feeding, sleeping, playing, and working. It starts in the morning when the babies are in bed and continues all day. This book is ideal for your baby because of its easily recognizable objects and fascinating drawings.

Two Years

Ezra Jack Keats’ “Whistle for Willie”

This exquisitely illustrated tale of a small kid named Peter who lives in the city will particularly appeal to toddlers. He is determined to learn how to whistle after hearing an older boy do it so he can whistle for his dog, Willie. Peter immediately learns that whistling is more challenging than he anticipated. He whistles all the way home as his persistence and tenacity finally pay off! Browse around this site.

3 Years

Who is Spot? from Eric Hill

The spot is nowhere to be seen, and supper time is approaching. What could he be doing? The mother of Spot, Sally, is shown repeatedly looking all over the house for him. Children enjoy lifting the flaps to see whether Spot is around. These hide-and-seek flaps promote interaction and curiosity. This book is entertaining, but it’s also This book is a lot of fun, and the straightforward, repeated writing is excellent for promoting young children’s language development.

4 Years

John Burningham’s Mr. Gumpy’s Outing

Mr. Gumpy takes his buddies on a riverboat excursion on a hot, bright day, but things don’t exactly go as planned! Readers will be able to foresee what will happen because of the intelligent story’s well-paced pace and ample hints in the graphics. Even if you’ve read the book more than once, the calm, wholesome tone will keep readers chuckling all the way through! Check this out >

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