Is Your Child Prepared For Kindergarten?

Is Your Child Prepared For Kindergarten?

Most parents consider whether their child has the necessary intellectual skills to succeed when they consider if their child is ready for kindergarten. While academics are crucial, social-emotional growth must also be taken into account for kindergarten success. Every area of education is targeted at Paramus Day Care. Your child will benefit much from graduating from Paramus Day Care when graduation time comes! A great post.

As you may already be aware, we’ve teamed up with LifeCubby Vine AssessmentsTM to make it easier for our instructors to monitor and evaluate all the developmental milestones your child hits throughout the course of the year while participating in the Seedlings Early Childhood Education program. The following social competence benchmarks will be given particular attention by teachers:

Has your child shown a willingness to pay attention when others are speaking?

Is your youngster able to play and share with others without difficulty?

Can your youngster follow just one set of instructions at once?

Is your youngster able to wait their turn with patience?

Can your youngster appreciate the views of others, even if they disagree with their own?

Along with social skills, teachers will emphasize academic skills like:

Literacy and Language Abilities

  • recognizes two words that rhyme (e.g., pan and man)
  • can read their name and make an effort to write it

Math abilities

  • has a 10 countdown
  • able to group objects according to size, color, pattern, or shape and has a basic understanding of shapes

Both Large and Small Motor Skills

  • can hop, jump, and run (with one and two feet)
  • able to grab and try to catch a ball while bouncing one

How are you so far our grads? Children who participated in and received instruction from Paramus Day Care’s Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum were 92% proficient and had the abilities, information, and attitude necessary for success in elementary school in the future. Your child’s self-esteem, desire to learn, and ability to lay a solid foundation for their elementary school years can all be significantly impacted by this. Have faith that Paramus Day Care will put your child on a path to success and help them gain confidence. Check this out.



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