How to Prepare Your Kids for a New Sibling

03 - how to prepare kids for new sibling

The preschool years are a special time for both the development of families and the growth of your child. The complete family, especially young children and firstborns, may experience emotional turmoil when a new sibling is introduced to your family’s regular routine. 

Psychology Behind Siblings

Did you know that around 80% of US kids have a sibling or more? Therefore, it makes sense that having a new sibling is a crucial component of the firstborn’s growth and development, according to specialists. Mixed-age classrooms at Paramus Daycare encouraged this growth in order to get kids ready for interactions with other kids outside of the classroom.

A new sibling is frequently introduced to the first-born kid between the ages of two and three, just as the youngster is beginning to learn how to control their behavior, emotions, and level of independence. When a new brother arrives, your preschool-aged child may experience a wave of feelings that range from happiness to annoyance to jealousy to excitement, frequently all on the same day. The environment, a child’s development, and how independent they are all have a role in how they react to a new sibling. Children in the preschool years are particularly sensitive to changes, and what bigger change could there be than a new family member?

How Can You Help?

It’s vital to keep a few things in mind to ease the transition in the family, even though parents will probably experience their own challenges with the changes brought on by the addition of a new sibling. We cannot emphasize enough how crucial having a reliable daily schedule is. Her technique can be used at home as well because her concept was founded on the development of the child outside the boundaries of the classroom, especially at this crucial period in the life of the entire family. The bedtime routine should be maintained if there is any portion of the routine. Everyone is probably sleep exhausted, therefore keeping your child’s sleep schedule can stop outbursts and anger.

Next, involve your youngster as much as you can to halt envy in its tracks. Create lessons based on Jumpin’ Jax and let your kid assist. Allow your child to assist with bath time, storytime, and even diaper changes while you practice gentleness. As an illustration, Jumpin’ Jax promotes compassion and caring through our kids’ interactions with real animals on campus. Create a lesson on swaddling and changing clothes where you and your child may spend time together and take care of the new baby at the same time if your child is interested in dolls.

Additionally, preparation is crucial. Give your child some time to comprehend the upcoming adjustments. Plan the changes your body will through when a new family member joins, and most importantly, remain upbeat while you tell the child! The buildup and anticipation are equally significant to the event!

Plan special occasions where you may give your child your undivided attention so they know they are still a vital part of the family. This can assist in preventing harmful actions that are frequently employed to get attention.

Be sure to involve your child’s preschool! When a new sibling has moved in, Jumpin’ Jax’s highly qualified staff can monitor changing behaviors and offer your child the extra attention he or she might need. They are also transition experts.

If at all feasible, complete changes with your firstborn before the arrival of a new sibling, such as potty training or sleeping in their own room. Your ability to prioritize your attention on your new family member without compromising on crucial developmental milestones for your firstborn might be aided by your security and confidence in these areas.

Finally, remember to take care of YOU. When the change occurs, parents are just as likely to experience discomfort, particularly if they are sleep deprived. While children may act out, parents who are under stress may also exhibit exaggerated behavior, which increases the likelihood that your child may throw a tantrum. A quick bath of about five minutes can significantly alter your mood. Self-care can strengthen your base and help you and your family get through this new stage of life.

Final Thoughts

A new sibling is a joyous occasion for your family! While there may be times of stress and annoyance, keep in mind that your family is a solid structure that can not only weather the storm but also provide a nurturing environment for both parents and children. As the newborn child grows, taking him or her to school helps to prepare them for their future schooling. Even avoiding the lengthy wait by enrolling your child as soon as possible. Use this mindset in your home to cherish the wonderful memories and make tiny adjustments to lessen the not-so-perfect times!



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